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News: 2018 Xi'an Aerospace Academic Conference for Temperature calibration


On December 14, 2018, the measurement technology seminar held by Xi'an Aerospace Measurement and Testing Institute came to a successful conclusion. Nearly 200 professional measurement peers from more than 100 units in different provinces gathered in Chang'an to study and communicate measurement laws and regulations system and conduct technical discussions. Our PANRAN company was invited to attend the annual meeting of the aerospace survey, and I would like to thank Xi'an Aerospace Measurement and Testing Institute and our customers for their support and help.

The experts of measurement technology have carried out collective training and publicity on the technical issues in the implementation process of the "Technical Reporting Requirements for National Defense Military Measurement Standard Instruments", "Standards for the Examination of National Defense Military Measurement Standard Instruments" and "Measurement Standards for Measurement Standards". Our general manager Jun Zhang was invited to explain the application of temperature and pressure equipment.

During the meeting, the participating experts and students face-to-face communication, exchange test and calibration experience, observe new products and learn new methods. The temperature and pressure measurement and calibration instruments independently developed by our company have received extensive attention.