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Panran source factory is Taian Intelligent Instrument Factory (state-owned enterprise) which is established in 1989. Mr Xu Jun was appointed to be the CEO in 1990 by Chinese government. Mr Xu Jun was an experienced technical engineer at that time. With the developing of whole Chinese market, Taian Intelligent Instrument Factory changed the state-owned rules and was disbanded, and Mr Xu Jun bought this state-owed factory. Then he renamed the factory to Panran Measurement & Control Science and Technology Co.Ltd in 2003.


In next years, Mr Xu Jun connected the old friends and workers to develop the new products in simple laboratory with full enthusiasm. China has had a big change during 1999-2005, and temperature field is eager to build a stable and reliable system in hard-wares and soft-wares. Mr Xu insists on unbreakable faith that "Social responsibility is more important than economic benefit" and "Quality is the basis of survival; Independent innovation is the indemnification of further developing". Panran wins the splendid times along with his correct route. Panran was appearing many press reports and government purchase lists.

PANRAN has built reputation and build a traditional sale system then.

In 2008, Panran set up Xi'an Branch.

In 2011, Panran set up Wulumuqi Branch.

In 2012, Xu Zhengzheng, Mr Xu Jun's Son, joined his father research work. Little Xu is graduated from a famous petrochemical university and studied abroad for many years. He brought some high-educated colleagues with one aim, which brought new more confidence. Besides, Panran invited Mr Zhang Jun(full experienced man in distribution field) as the general sale manger. These are the big upgrade for PANRAN in Chinese new developing times. They built a highly-unity team to research and produce high-tech products to satisfy the market inquiry for the accurate temperature instruments, and also built an excellent team to promote products. So that Panran becomes one of the most professional temperature instruments manufacturing and laboratory temperature calibration in China.


In 2013, Panran set up Changsha Branch as foreign trade office (Hunan Province sale and all international business )

In 2017, Panran Pressure Instruments Co.,Ltd established

In 2017, Panran Software Develop Co.,Ltd established

Panran drafted many Chinese temperature calibration rules:JJF 1098-2003, JJF ll71-2007, JJF ll84-2007 etc. and also took part in many important national lever research projects in military fields. Panran obtained much Chinese government praises and funds, and passed ISO9001:2015 certificate and CE certificates etc.

Panran thanks to the customers'support and trust, and PANRAN all staff welcome you to visit our laboratory and factory. We will offer the quality products with the best after-market service to you. Thanks for all concerning.



CEO Xu Jun Brief Introduction



Panran CEO and general manager, Xu Jun, 59 years old, was studying in Shangdong Industrial College from 1978 to 1982, Master Degree and paramount engineer. He entered Xinwen Tool Factory after graduated, and in 1992, he was in charge of Taian Intelligent Instrument Factory.


In 2003, he established Panran Measurement & Control Science and Technology Co.Ltd and served as CEO. He takes technical engineering work in Panran and he is in charge of thermal-technical meter calibration system soft-wares project research and carrying out, and this project(Intelligent thermal-technical meter calibration system soft-ware V5.02, registered number 2005SR07729 ) is approved and registered by Chinese Copyright Bureau.


In 2005, he did research on Well Temperature Meter Calibration System and get the copyright: Well Temperature Meter Calibration System V1.0, registered number 2005SR03391. In this same year, he developed the Temperature Area Testing System, and get the copyright: Thermal Process Oven and Temperature(Humidity) Environment Testing Equipment Auto Testing System V1.0(brief name: Temperature Testing System), registered number 2005SR08323.


Since 2006, Xu Jun leads the research team and gain many patents, such as New Thermocouple Calibration Oven(Patent number ZL200520088706.4), one kind of short temperature sensor calibration heat pipe thermostatic bath(patent number ZL200920030038.8). He joined the books'drafts: "Temperature Testing and Controlling Technical and Carrying out" and China Quality Detection Publishing House ISBN 978-7-5026-3488-9, and he drafted "JJF1098-2003 Thermocouple and Resistance auto measurement system calibration rules", "JJF1184-2007 Thermocouple Calibration Oven Temperature Testing Technical Criterion" and "JJF Temperature Circuit Detector Calibration Criterion" etc national class technical criterion.