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News: 2017 Academic Conference for Temperature


National Academic Conference for Temperature Measurement Development and Technology Application of 2017 Committee Annual Meeting came to an end in Changsha,Hunan on September 2017. The participating units from more than 200 scientific research institutes and the measuring authorities on the provincial across the country, Invited the industry leaders, industry experts to conduct technical exchanges and seminars. PanRan Measurement & Control as members of the Temperature Association were invited to attend, to assist the Organizing Committee and the Hunan Provincial Metrology Institute to hold this meeting.

At this meeting,researcher Shanqing Zhang from Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials made a speech " Manufacturing Technical Standard and AMS2750E High Temperature Measurement Standard ", happened to coincide with the Idea of PanRan Measurement & Control. The doctor Sheng Cheng from COMAC ,made a wonderful speech "Measurement assist large aircraft to take off", PanRan Measurement & Control as the one of supplier to assist large aircraft to take off, was exhilarated with C919 did the successful flight test. The products of Production and development from PanRan,Implement this specification from beginning to end, has been recognized by many military experts in the meanwhile.

The developing director Zhenzhen Xu from PanRan Measurement & Control ,did the special report in terms of Design and Application of specialized Controller for temperature source of Measurement, Conducted in-depth exchanges about our company's specialized regulator of the third generation of temperature metering together with on-site experts.

At the meeting site, our company exhibited Portable Multi-function Calibrator、inspection instrument, integrated precision digital thermometer,thermocouple calibration furnace , automatic pressure calibration systems and other products,all of them obtained full recognition of practitioners in industry. Moreover,the latest products temperature tracker and high-precision thermodetector, received much concern in this, the company would like to thank old and new customers for your support and trust,Warmly welcome friends come to consult and negotiate!

We cherish every entrustment ,and would like to wholeheartedly for your service.