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News: 2018 Academic Conference for Temperature


The Temperature Measurement Professional Committee of China Metrology and Testing Society held the "Centreometrics Development and Application Technology Academic Exchange Meeting and the 2018 Committee Annual Meeting" in Yixing, Jiangsu from September 11 to 14, 2018. The conference invited industry leaders and industry experts to conduct technical exchanges and seminars, providing a good communication platform and communication opportunities for researchers, technicians, and production companies engaged in measurement management and scientific development workers, temperature measurement research and application technology.

The meeting combined with domestic and international temperature measurement development trends, national strong inspection information platform construction, industrial measurement development dynamics and other temperature frontier research and temperature measurement application technology, online monitoring status and development, and current temperature detection technology hotspots, industry applications And the temperature-related procedures, revisions, and development of specifications have carried out extensive and in-depth technical exchanges. Our company was invited to give a speech on “Research on High Temperature Thermocouple Calibration Device”.

The measurement and control of the company has always focused on the independent research and development of the products. At this meeting, the hot products and the latest products of the company have been exhibited by the customers, and they are widely accepted by the president of the China Institute of Metrology and many participants. attention.