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PR710A precision digital thermometer

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PR710A high precision thermometer


An ideal replacement for standard mercury thermometers

The PR710 series of hand-held precision digital thermometers are characterized by high accuracy and high stability. They are precision temperature measuring instruments tailored for the temperature measurement industry. The temperature range covers -60 ° C ~ 300 ° C, can directly display the temperature value through the LCD screen, and has a wealth of human-computer interaction and communication functions. Compact and portable, the PR710 Series is ideal for laboratory and field use.


 high precision thermometer Features 


1.excellent accuracy index, annual change is better than 0.05 °C

Self-calibrated using internal standard resistors, the PR710 Series offers excellent long-term stability with a temperature coefficient as low as 1ppm/°C. When it is working above a heat source, the effect of the heat source temperature on its temperature indication is minimal.


2.resolution 0.001 ° C

In the compact and slim form factor, the PR710 series has a built-in high-performance electrical measurement module that is comparable to the commonly used seven-and-a-half digital multi-meter. Stable readings can be achieved at 0.001 °C

3.Traceable to other temperature standards

With the PC software or its own calibration function, the PR710 series can be easily traced to a standard temperature standard such as platinum resistance. After the traceability, the temperature measurement value can be consistent with the standard for a long time.


4.built-in gravity sensing, the screen can be automatically flipped

The PR710 series products are the first to flip the display content on the segment LCD screen (Patent No.: 201520542282.8). It has two display modes, horizontal and vertical, and can realize automatic conversion of two display modes, making it easy to read during actual use.


5.temperature volatility calculation

The PR710 series is capable of accurately calculating the temperature fluctuations of the measured space for 10 minutes at a sampling rate of one data point per second. In addition, the simultaneous use of two PR710 series thermometers makes it easy to measure the temperature difference between two points in the space. Combined with its temperature fluctuation measurement function, it provides a simpler and more accurate solution for the bath test.


6. ultra low power consumption

The portable products designed and controlled have always had the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, and the PR710 series hand-held precision digital thermometers have brought this feature to the extreme. Under the premise of turning off the wireless communication function, only use three 7-cell batteries, and it can work for more than 1400 hours.


7. wireless communication function

After the PR2001 wireless communication module is connected to the host computer, a wireless 2.4G network can be established with multiple PR710 series products, and the indication value can be monitored in real time. It is easier to obtain the temperature indication than other conventional standards.

PR710A high precision thermometer technical parameters





Temperature range (℃)






Sensor length



Sensor type

Wire wound platinum resistance

Temperature resolution

Selectable: 0.01, 0.001 (default 0.01)

Electronics dimensions (H x W x D)


Probe sheath material

Stainless steel

Wireless communication distance

Up to 150 meters in the open area

Sample rate

Selectable: 1 seconds, 3 seconds (default 1 seconds)

DC power

3-AAA Batteries, typical battery life of 300 hours without LCD backlight

Weight (including battery)



Operating temperature range readout


Preheating time

Preheat one minute

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